Individual & Series Control Systems

For the Following Types of Control Systems 

  • Machine control systems

  • Plant and process control systems

  • Control systems for regenerative energy plants (photovoltaic, wind and biogas plants)

  • Automation plants


Construction of Individual and Series Control Systems with Fixed Customer Specifications 

  • Construction of small batches to large series on the basis of complete customer documentation with the purchase or provision of the components.

  • No obligation regarding the components (Examples of manufacturers used: Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Eaton, Pilz, B&R)

  • Testing of the control systems according to the checklist in compliance with VDE 0660 Part 500, IEC 60439-1, and/or the customer's checklist with computer-aided test stations. 

    Also with functional testing on request.

 Construction of Individual and Series Control Systems with SAE Design Engineering 

  • Design of special casings with optimum adaptation at the available space, when an off-the-shelf cabinet is not possible

  • Support in project planning with the optimum selection of components

  • Support with the setup of the control system, taking into consideration the national and international standards.

  • Generation of wiring and cable lists

  • Construction of prototypes with interim and final checks

  • Production of the series with prefabricated single loaders and cables with wire end marking (wire printing or identification label)

  • Development of test programmes (100% testing)


Cable Assembly

We can pre-assemble all cables, from the cabinet through to the machine / plant, with sensors (e.g. end switches), actuators (e.g. solenoid valves), plugs and labelling.

If the externally assembled cables are connected when the cabinet is produced, they are checked as a unit during the test run and interface errors can largely be avoided.

The customer's dimensional specifications and layout drawings are essential in this respect.  


Machine Control Systems, Control Cabinets and Control Panels for

  • Plastic injection moulding machines

  • Cigarette manufacturing machines

  • Label printing machines

  • Optical manufacturing machines

  • Packaging machines

  • Baking stations

  • Wind turbines

  • Power generation plants

 Control system of a plastics processing machine Control system of a plastics processing machine Switchgear during final testing (with test simulator)Switchgear during final testing (with test simulator)

Control system for the food and beverage industryControl system for the food and beverage industry